Auto Accidents

When a careless driver causes an accident in New York resulting in injury or death, the law affords the injured party the right to sue for restitution against the negligent party. Many accident victims are unaware of this, mainly because they are told the complete opposite by the insurance company of the driver that hit them. Insurers do their best to minimize their liability, and will often offer settlements that are far below what the victim is legally entitled to.

The standard procedure for insurers is to offer a check for current medical bills and property damage, and occasionally a check for lost wages. These settlements are not only artificially low, but they usually fail to account for any future medical problems that might stem directly from the accident. Quite often the victims will hear things like “You won’t need to contact a lawyer,” or “This is a fair settlement,” when in fact they do need to contact a lawyer, and they aren’t being offered a fair settlement. Liability law clearly states that people who are injured due to the negligence of others can sue for damages. These include:

Compensatory Damages: Compensatory damages usually include medical expenses, lost wages and the repair or replacement of property. These are the damages that cover actual injury or economic loss. Compensatory damages are intended to put the injured party in the position he was in prior to the injury, or make the injured party “whole.”

General Damages: General damages are usually composed of pain and suffering, but can also include compensation for a shortened life expectancy, or the loss of the companionship of a loved one. The point of these damages is to cover injuries for which an exact dollar amount cannot be calculated. For instance, if a piano player loses his fingers in an accident that wasn’t his fault, it would be impossible to calculate the monetary value of the joy he got out of playing the piano, but general damages would allow him to seek compensation for not being able to play anymore.

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