Motor Vehicle Accident

Brian Murphy is an Incredible Lawyer

Brian Murphy helped me with my motor vehicle accident in which I was violently rear ended at a high speed while at a complete stop. He was extremely professional, reliable and from day one completely honest, friendly and always updated me thru the entire case which ended up being delayed due to Covid, he fought my case at every turn and always had my best interest. Throughout the entire case he’s not just a lawyer he truly is invested in your best interests as a friend would be. Always checking in on my injuries my struggles not just the case. He gives undeniable results and wins your case we had to hurdle a County that tends to win their cases and or only settles very low demands to close its cases. Brian was persistent every which way fighting my case winning my case and settling my case for over 1 million dollars unprecedented for what we’re up against. But Brian got it done due to his unbelievable professionalism and determination to win your case on what you actually deserve he fights for you. He’s an incredible Lawyer. I am so glad I had him in my corner. Don’t hesitate call him right away he’s the lawyer you want in your corner.